GestDB is a client to access relational databases.

This client is developed in Java and therefore is cross-platform, meaning it works on many operating systems. To use it we need to have installed a java virtual machine JRE or JSDK. The minimum virtual machine to use is 1.6 and is compatible with Oracle and OpenSource.

GestDB using JDBC connectors, to connect the Manufacturers Databases. On its own, can not connect unless either through ODBC.

The most drivers JDBC are available from the website of the manufacturers and also have free drivers. On the Oracle web, there is a section which has links to drivers JDBC from different manufacturers.

One of the biggest advantages of this program is the size, 8 MB program and 12.5 MB with free JDBC drivers; MYSQL, H2, jtds, HyperSQL, Cubrid, and Ingres.

The program can be used in graphical mode, text mode (basic) and batch (limited functions). The graphic mode has all the functionality available and allows many operations. Text and batch mode only allows you to connect to databases, launch SQL, export, import data, and display data from database table structure.

Windows Aplication Some of the managers that can be connected are as follows; Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, Informix, MYSQL, Firebird, ODBC, Cloudscape, Cloudscape RMI, Cubrid, DaffodilDB Embedded, DaffodilDB Server, db2 CAE, db2 Universal, Derby embedded, Derby embedded memory, Derby server, firstsql, FrontBase, H2 Embedded, H2 Server, Hypersonic SQL v1.3, HyperSQL embedded, HyperSQL server, Ingres, InstantDB v3.14, Interbase, InterSystems Cache, JTDS Sqlserver, JTDS Sybase, Mimer, oracle oci 8i, oracle oci 9i, Pervasive, PointBase Server, PointBase Embedded, PointBase Micro, postgresql 7.0, Sap MaxDB, Sybase 5.2, etc.

Some of the most important features are:

  • Possibility to connect to both databases vary but are of different types.
  • Visualization of data Structures characteristics.
  • Query assistant.
  • Data export from one database type to another (example: Oracle to DB2). Database structure exporting its also allowed (create table, index, etc....).
  • Data export in plain format.
  • Data import from plain text archives and SQL scripts, from independant files or complete directories.
  • SQL commands History.
  • Automatic Opening of the opened connections on the last session.
  • Occupation statistics.
  • Multiple Tabs for SQL commands in every session.
  • Multiplatform running.
  • Java compatible (+JRE 1.6).
  • Graphical or text mode.
  • Unattended data backups (batch processes).
  • Source Code generator for JAVA, HTML, XML, VB, ASP, PHP.
  • Code formatter.
  • Allows you to generate a graph from the results of a query.
  • Filter the data retrieved.
  • Search.
  • Favorite SQL Query Management.
  • Viewing the metadata structure of a query.
  • Limit the number of records returned in a query.
  • Modifying data directly in the results table.

This product is subject to the GNU GPL, which gives it an open source product and therefore can be distributed, used, or improved freely as long as the result of this improvement is home to the GNU GPL. If you want more information, please consult the official website of GNU.

The source code of this product is hosted Logo.