We are looking for developers to collaborate with this project. If you are insterested send an email to

This page is dedicated to people that helps with this application, these people are collaborating as well in the evolution of free software.

If you're interested on collaborating, we are in need of translations to english, and other languages. Also we need Java developers, to continue the evolution of the application. To collaborate send an email to indicating in the subject 'collaboration', and in the content the type of collaboration. We try to answer these messages as rapidly as possible.

Bellow is a list of collaborators byt type of collaboration:


Arsenio Molinero


Arsenio Molinero


Joern Henning(Aleman)

Maria Machin(Ingles)


Ruben Ruiz Perez

Arsenio Molinero

Design and web development

Arsenio Molinero

Juan Luis Hernandez


Alfredo Garrido

Beta testers

Alfredo Garrido

Almudena Moya

David Fernandez

David Vigil

Fernando Casares

Gabriel pairet

Joaquín Manuel

Juan Luis Fernandez

Juan Luis Hernandez

Luis Lozano

Luis miguel Villar

Pedro Jimenez

Sergio Esteban

Tomás redondo

Guzman Paniagua

Santiago Navaridas

Alejandro Cuellar

David Nuñez

Jesus Muela

Moises Cebrian

Esther Mateo

Luis Gonzalez

Francisco Gavilan